Bill Pay Services

Save time and money using our automated bill pay service right from your computer. You can pay as many bills as you wish for FREE, as well as review your payment history or pending payments. Additionally, your transactions are detailed on your monthly checking statement.

Through our bill pay service, there are two types of payments:

  1. Those that are the same amount each time you pay them.
    For payments that remain the same, the bill pay service automatically executes the payment for you each month on the designated day with the designated amount, without subsequent requests.
  2. Those whose amount changes each time you make a payment.
    For payments with amounts that vary from month to month, you simply tell the bill pay service who to pay, how much and when to send the payment. Community Bank takes care of the rest. You can add, edit or change scheduled payments any time.

With online bill pay, you will use fewer checks and fewer stamps. But more importantly, you will spend less time paying your bills.

Are you interested? If so, click here to complete a Bill Pay Application Form.