Mastercardô Debit Card Fraud Prevention

Help prevent fraud and sign up for Community Bank's "Guardian Debit Card Transaction Alert" program!  Click here to enroll.

Once you have our MasterCardô Debit Card, you have to sign up for our "Debit Card Transaction Alert" program or you will incur a "Refused Debit Card Transaction Alert Fee" of $1 per card per statement cycle.  This program offers another layer of fraud prevention.  Once your card is enrolled, whenever your debit card is used, you will receive a text "alert" message to your cell phone. You can enroll up to five (5) devices per card (phone or other mobile device(s) must have the ability to send and receive text messages and the use of short codes must not be blocked.)  

Help us protect your accounts from fraud. If you receive a debit card alert for a transaction that you are not familiar with, please contact us immediately at 800-460-6634. If you receive an alert after business hours, please call 866-546-8273. Visit your local branch or call during normal business hours to order a new debit card.

Fraudulent Activity - Lost, Stolen or Compromised Card?

Please report a lost, stolen or compromised card immediately! Notify our Customer Service department promptly during normal business hours at 800-460-6634. A representative will assist you in completing required claim forms for unauthorized charges and to receive a replacement card.  Normal business hours are Monday-Friday: 7:30 am - 6 pm and Saturday: 9:00 am - 12:00 noon. 

To report a lost or stolen or compromised card after normal business hours, please call 866-546-8273.

Release a Blocked Card:

If your card has been previously blocked by our automated system due to suspected fraudulent transactions that you have verified are authorized transactions, you may release the block on your card by calling 1-866-546-8273.