Customer Support

Our customers mean the world to Community Bank. That’s why we want to make it easy for you to bank with us, by offering the following:

  • Contact Us - We want you to be able to reach us when you want to. During business hours, please call our 1-800-460-6634 phone number or email us at  After hours, you can either leave a message or submit an email; either way, we will return your contact within 24 hours.
  • Frequently Asked Questions — Find the answers to some of our most common banking questions.
  • Community Cares - Community Bank folks are always working to make life better in the communities they live in.  Want to know what we are doing in your neck of the woods, then click here.
  • Financial Glossary of Terms — Discover the true meaning behind such abbreviations as APR, as well as other financial terms.
  • Financial Literacy - Community Bank believes in financial education.  So much so that we have an on-going program of our bankers going into local schools, churches and non-profits, to educate everyone we can on the basics of money and money management.  
  • Financial Calculators - A whole page of on-line calculators to help you solve common financial questions and problems, including a savings calculator, a tax estimator, and a mortgage calculator.
  • Identity Theft Prevention - There are many things you can do to prevent Identity Theft and we have plenty of educational articles to tell you about it.
  • Resource Library - Tools, resources and information to help you take control of your financial future.