Business Checking

Business Basic

Designed for businesses that do not write a lot of checks or make numerous multiple-item deposits, this account may be opened with $500 for any type of business entity. To avoid a $10 monthly service charge on the account, a minimum balance of $1,000 or an average collected balance of $3,000 must be maintained. There’s no charge for using NetTeller™ online banking, including the Bill Pay feature or ACCESS, our toll-free telephone information.

Business Plus

Created for sole proprietors, certain governmental entities and non-profit organizations, the Business Plus checking account offers variable interest rates to reward good balances. Interest rates are tiered at: under $10,000; $10,000 to $24,999.99; $25,000 to $99,999.99;   and $100,000 or above. Open a Business Plus account with $500 and enjoy free use of basic NetTeller™, toll-free use of ACCESS telephone information and a MasterCard® debit card upon approval. To avoid a $10 monthly service charge on the account, a minimum balance of $2,000 or an average collected balance of $5,000 must be maintained.

Business Detail

Developed for businesses with high-transaction volumes, the Business Detail checking account uses an earnings credit based on the account’s average collected balance to help offset charges for processing and handling. Open a Business Detail account with $500. Let a Community Bank officer show you how your business can benefit from Business Detail.


Providing affordable banking for community organizations, our Non-Profit checking account has no monthly service charge. This account includes a complementary initial order of 50 checks, as well as free use of NetTeller™ and ACCESS. A fee may be assessed when officers and/or signers change.

Interest On Lawyers’ Trust Accounts (IOLTAs)

A trust account into which a law firm deposits nominal and short-term funds for the benefit of its clients, an IOLTA is an interest-bearing checking account. A law firm establishes the account, and the style of the account must clearly indicate that the funds belong to the firm’s clients, not the firm itself.

Checking Account Services

Be sure to also take advantage of these services with every Community Bank business checking account:

  • NetTeller™ Online Banking and Cash Management Services — Sign up for our free online banking service. Then, use NetTeller™ to handle your cash management functions.
  • Imaged Checks — Reconcile your account the easy way with imaged checks that are mailed each month with your bank statement. NetTeller™ users may also view and download statements at any time. If your business issues hundreds of checks monthly, we can provide your statements on CD-ROM for your convenience.
  • MasterCard® Debit Card — Access your checking account funds to purchase goods and services without the hassle of check verification, wherever the MasterCard® logo is displayed worldwide. Click on this link for an online application.
  • ACCESS Tele-Banking — Use this 24-hour-a-day connection to Community Bank to check your business account balances, verify deposits or even make loan payments by transferring funds from your checking or savings account. Click on this link for more details.
  • Check Re-order — Re-order your Community Bank checks online. Click on this link to enter the Deluxe Web site.