Louann Habenicht
AVP, Cash Management
(817) 517-2739

Business Cash Management Services

NetTeller’s cash management features enable businesses to concentrate funds, send wires, transmit payroll information and much more.

Together, we can configure a NetTeller package to save your business up to thousands of dollars a year and to allow you to quickly and easily concentrate funds to maximize investible balances.

NetTeller cash management services provides sophisticated tools that allow you to:

  • Transmit wires.
  • Upload Automated Clearing House (ACH) files, such as payroll.
  • Manage all Automated Clearing House (ACH) activities, including accounts payable and receivable.
  • Download cash management data.
  • Administer cash management activities, such as cash concentration and tax payments.

NetTeller functions are contained in a secured Web site. After we assist with set-up, your designated manager will administer NetTeller cash management activities, including PIN (personal identification number) controlled access by other managers or employees.

In addition to the basic cash management product, you may select other components. Call us today to learn more.